Jurry Curlz

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Ice Cube circa Boyz n Da Hood

Compliments of D Rizzle who was chizilling at the concertz, luckily for us she is a one of the quickest texter on the east side and used her skillz to snap a quick pizzle for us.  Someone tell this guy his currlz need to go.


Rat Guy

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Just Chillin with his Buddies

We found this man on the subway just chilling with a few of his favorite peeps, or should we say rats. No big deal, he just lets them run around all over his body. the up do makes it all okay.

google homepage


Google celebrates the 125th birthday of Josef Frank


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Is it legal to be out in public like this?

Can someone tell me if that is her stomach that is falling out, or is gravity just that strong?

Because being dressed as an old man will get you into the Hills Screening

So Spencer Pratt brought a whole new meaning to questionable with his recent acts.  He tried to crash “The Hills” series finale party in Hollywood, dressed as an old man.  Real smart trying to get into a party dressed as an old creepy man, this guy keeps impressing everyone as he gets older.

Is this For REAL??

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GREAT legs!


SOOOOOO….. i will be the first to say that Cristiano Ronaldo, professional soccer player, is one of the most beautiful people on earth…. HOWEVER i cant help but question his outfit… i mean what was he thinking?   

Great looking legs though….

Taxidermist Dad

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for all you bachelorette/bachelor watchers you know that the hometown visit is pretty clutch and can either make or break you… lucky for Kirk his dad is crazy …. check out this potential father in law