Rex, I know Bill Belichick stomped all over you on that fateful day. But you take that and turn it into a foot fetish? Tad bit questionable.


Questionable run or awesome person

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Looks like someone paid attention in gymnastics.

Jimmy is Getting Desperate

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wow he is getting desperate


So the famous Jimmy Johnson has elected to be a contestant on the next ‘Survivor”, I hope his agent told him he can’t drink out there.  Maybe this is his way of secretly going into rehab.  The other contestants are in for a rude awakening when he starts his withdrawls.

Trolling the Town

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Just another afternoon with the fam


Pink Pants, blue crocks, and a baby in a basket, the 21st century Moses

What an a$$ on that pup


Man claims his neighbor’s dog was eye f-ing him and couldn’t resist, so he gave into temptation. Check out the story

really mel??

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that's the chick we are trusting...


OK so for those of you that have heard Mel’s meltdown its PRETTY clear he is completely insane and needs some serious help, not to mention his potty mouth … BUT who the hell would record someone at the end of their rope and then release it to the press?  Good thing her child wont have to grow up listening to that tape over and over again… oh wait

We found Waldo

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Because the shorts weren't bad enough, the socks make up for it

So when did Wal-Mart start hiring people to meter their stores? At least get them a better outfit, so they don’t look like a paedophile, or one that doesn’t showcase the skinny ankles on this dude.